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Year 7 Curriculum

The Rural Enterprise Academy is a free school with a specialised curriculum focused around the environment and land-based sectors. Our pupils choose us as they have an interest in these areas and potentially want to develop a career from this interest. We offer a broad and ambitious curriculum to all our pupils which is focused on preparing them for their future career choices as well as challenging and informing them about current issues within these sectors.

We are committed to offering a three-year KS3 curriculum where pupils will access a broad range of subjects. Our curriculum offers lessons in traditional, academic subjects such as English, maths, science, humanities and PE as well as creative, technological and environmental curriculum, which are designed to develop our pupils understanding of the school’s specialism in land-based and environment sectors. Further details can be found below:

Environmental Studies

Pupils study a range of topics throughout KS3, some examples of what pupils will study includes forest schools, microclimates, water management, feeding relationships, pollution, developing sustainability, growth and management of plants and animals and managing the impact of humans.

Creative Studies

Pupils study the culture and history of different areas of the world through a mixture of art, music, drama, oracy and language. Areas of the world that are important in terms of environment, agriculture and sustainability form a termly focus to develop pupils’ understanding of these sectors throughout history and around the world.


Pupils will study a range of technology subjects including Information Technology. This is with a focus on those technologies important to both the land-based and environmental sectors.