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The Admissions Process Explained

The Rural Enterprise Academy will have 60 places available for both Year 7 students who wish to join us in September 2025.

These places are subject to our Admissions Policy.

As a designated Free School, we do not have a catchment area, neither do we have any selective admissions requirements. The admissions policy gives a specific breakdown of how places will be allocated and of the appeals process.

The deadline for applications is on the nationally co-ordinated application closure date of 31 October 2024. As with all schools, late applications will subject to the late application policy, so we strongly urge you to apply before the deadline. Staffordshire County Council’s Secondary Admissions page on their website is a very useful resource.

You can apply for a place for Year 7 at The Rural Enterprise Academy in the exact same way as any other secondary school. For those living in Staffordshire, please log in to the Staffordshire County Council online admissions system and select us from the drop-down list of schools. For other local authorities, we have asked them to include us on their lists, but if you have any problems please get in touch with them directly. If they need our DfE number it is 860/4007.


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.