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Admissions Consultation for September 2020

The School Admissions Code states that own admission authorities must consult on admission arrangements where changes are proposed OR every 7 years even if there has been no change.
The Rural Enterprise Academy is consulting on its admission arrangements as it has been 7 years since the Academy last consulted.
The Rural Enterprise Academy proposes adopting the same over subscription criteria as the Local Authority for 2020 admissions and will continue to use the Local Authority Coordinated Scheme for Admissions.  The closing date for applications via the coordinated process will remain as 31 January each year but late applications will still be considered if places remain available.

There is no proposal to change the current PAN.
A full copy of the proposed admission arrangements can be found below with a copy also made available on the County Council website.
Consultation begins today (10th December 2018) and ends on Sunday, 20th January 2019.  Anyone wishing to make representation should do so via
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